Tami Wloch Provides Social Media Training at Rebound, Malaysia


Tami Wloch Provides Social Media Training at Rebound, Malaysia

By Tami Wkich / December 29, 2020

Tami Wloch was invited to teach social media skills to a large group of women through the Rebound Group in Malaysia, specifically “How To Run Facebook Ads to Increase Sales.”

Who is Rebound?

Rebound is an amazing group that affords the opportunity for women to get up-to-date in tech skills in order to enter or re-enter the workforce.  Whether they are just starting out or need to update their skills due to staying home to raise children, Rebound offers training in many tech capabilities, including social media.  No matter where Malaysian women are in their career, Rebound can put them on a path to greater financial independence.  And, all classes are free or subsidized to allow them to take the best courses possible.

COVID-19 & Women in the Workforce

COVID-19 has hit women in the workforce especially hard.  Many women are now without jobs and unable to support their family as they had previously due to layoffs or decreased new job opportunities.  Rebound recognizes this and supplies women with real, hands-on skills, such as social media, that can increase their skill set and make them more employable.  In addition, many women are juggling family and work and having a better resume allows them to make more income and better balance their work/home life.

Social Media & Paid Ads

Tami taught a step-by-step method of creating paid ads in social media to reach over 47,000 platforms.  Social media is one of the least expensive and most effective ways of putting the right message in front of the right potential customer.  The class allowed the women to make the changes themselves to get real results, quickly. The session also had a lengthy question and answer section so the attendees could get their specific problems solved.

Why Should You Book Tami To Speak About Social Media

Tami has been teaching both nationally and internationally for years.  She serves on Advisory Panels for both Facebook & LinkedIn so the techniques taught are proven to be effective and increase sales.  Whether you need to learn how to change your social media accounts, your website, or use analytics, you will learn the changes to make that get the best results.  Here is link to her speaker bio:  http://bit.ly/TamiWlochSpeakerBio3

To book Tami or find out about her next public class, email her at Tami@SCmarketinginc.com!


To Learn More about the amazing Rebound Group:  https://www.rebound.asia/making