Education (K-12 and Higher Ed)

The Pre-K-12 education world is subject to constant curriculum priority changes, budgetary pressures and a wide spectrum of stakeholders; school administrators, faculty, parents, students and public perception of school performance. Identifying the needs and interests of these respective groups is vital to successful communications and marketing, especially in a media environment where each of these constituents consumes information in different ways. We help education leaders strategically target and deliver their messaging across multiple platforms with measurable results and returns. In addition, our experience extends to promoting higher education organizations, and also developing recruitment marketing strategies to recruit top talent there.
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Effective governmental marketing and communications is a matter of scale. Through market research and strategic planning, we help government agencies clearly identify target markets and build messaging campaigns tailored to those audiences. This strategic approach is critical in cultural environments where constituents and stakeholders expect clarity, accountability and consistency in all governmental communications. Our team collaborates with government leadership to determine objectives, craft effective messaging and tactics that translates to multiple platforms and channels. Our AI capabilities in social media enable us to find your target audiences on whatever platform they prefer. In a budget-conscious world, it isn’t wise to leave critical messaging to chance. That’s why S/C is the partner of choice for so many governmental agencies looking to deliver messaging and build consensus around policies and performance.
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Market Research

It never pays to underestimate the value of market research. Using market intelligence to better understand the competitive marketplace, identify customer segments and demographics, reveal new categories of business or identify areas where your advertising spend can improve are all great reasons to invest in market research. It is quite possible to be selective in how market research is conducted. We can explain and illustrate the benefits before you engage. Our proposals clearly identify the objectives and scope of every market research project. While the principles of marketing research are consistent, they are applied to each industry in specific ways. In addition, our exceptional social and digital ad campaigns assist market research firms in recruiting hard to find participants for focus groups and surveys. Instead of relying on panel recruiting companies, market research firms prefer our innovative campaigns that reach "new" market research participants by Intercepting them when they are online. What do you want to know about your business, industry or competitors? We can help you leverage market research to your best advantage, and within budget. Contact us today.



Manufacturing products either have an end-use of their own or fit into the structure of other market-bound products and services. While traditional channels such as dealer networks have always served the manufacturing industry, the realities of global markets and price-driven competition can change a manufacturing marketplace overnight. That’s why business intelligence drawn from market research is important to develop and maintain. From there, a comprehensive marketing plan built in collaboration with internal stakeholders such as product managers, sales and business development managers, subject matter experts and executives is vital to determine full perspective on growth opportunities and industry trends. S/C consults with manufacturers in multiple industries. From this foundation, we bring perspectives borne from dealing with market challenges across a breadth of business categories. These insights fuel our strategies for manufacturers selling direct or filling orders. Lead generation is still the name of the game in manufacturing. Let’s discuss what successful lead gen strategies can do for your manufacturing concern.


Resellers and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Supply Chain and Original Equipment Manufacturing is undergoing a major industry shift. The packaging, moving and scanning of inventory is becoming much more streamlined and efficient, while at the same time cutting costs through innovative processes. Reliability and predictability is critical and now more than ever it is important to let your current and prospective customers know that your business solutions are on the cutting edge. Additionally, your business needs to stand out from the competition. S/C Marketing has placed great emphasis on the supply chain and manufacturing segments. Our digital marketing strategies will reach new audiences, markets and opportunities through market research and data to bring in new business. Targeted emails and digital paid ads allow us to pinpoint the exact audience you wish to connect with, delivering the information you wish to share. For more information, Contact us today.

Economic Development

Marketing plays a crucial role in economic development by promoting and attracting businesses to a particular market, while also connecting ED organizations with local, existing businesses to build relationships. Marketing outreach to the local community also enables local citizens to learn about business activities and support new businesses opening in the area. Economic developers can leverage marketing strategies to effectively communicate the advantages and opportunities available in their market through the following tactics:

Market Research: Marketing plays a critical role in conducting market research to gather relevant data and insights about market strengths, competitive advantages, target industries, and potential business opportunities. This information helps our team develop effective marketing strategies that align with the market's strengths and target the right businesses.

Branding and Positioning: Developing a strong and distinctive brand for a market is crucial for attracting businesses. We can work with economic developers to create a compelling brand identity that communicates the unique selling points and benefits of the market. By positioning the market as an attractive destination for businesses, economic developers can differentiate themselves from competing regions and create a positive perception in the minds of potential investors.

Targeted Communication: Our team builds campaigns to effectively communicate with target audiences through various marketing tactics such as websites, social media, targeted digital ads, trade shows, and industry-specific events. Our carefully crafted tactics can disseminate information about the market's advantages, incentives, infrastructure, workforce, and business-friendly policies. Tailoring the marketing messages to the specific needs and interests of each target audience increases the likelihood of attracting businesses, keeps local businesses aware of the Econ Dev organization’s support services and promotes local events to the community to drive traffic to businesses.

Lead Generation: We generate leads by attracting and capturing the interest of potential investors (builders, developers, site selectors) current businesses and new businesses. We assist our clients in gathering key contact information of prospects by promoting industry-specific webinars, publishing informative content (infographics, white papers, quizzes, videos), or promoting client events. These efforts nurture relationships to ultimately convert leads into new investments, strengthen relationships with current businesses and increase attendance at events.

Online Presence and Digital Marketing: In today's digital era, a strong online presence is essential for economic development. A user-friendly website that showcases the market's advantages, resources, success stories, and available properties is key. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can be employed to ensure the client’s name appears closer to the top in relevant online searches. Our industry-leading targeted digital and social media ads, content/video marketing, online advertising and email campaigns can also be leveraged to reach a broader audience and promote the market effectively. Our unique relationships serving on National Advisory Panels for both Facebook and LinkedIn corporate means our knowledge remains current, resulting in exceptionally high engagement with industry-low cost per clicks for our clients.

Measuring Success: Our campaigns are always accompanied by performance tracking and measurement to assess the effectiveness of strategies and tactics. On an ongoing basis, we share with our clients the metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, and social media engagement to evaluate the impact of their marketing initiatives. This data helps refine marketing strategies, messaging, and targeting and our clients can identify successful approaches and allocate resources more efficiently.

By strategically leveraging marketing techniques and channels, we can support economic developers in increasing business attraction in their market, driving economic growth, and creating a thriving business environment.

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Over the last three decades the regulatory world of law marketing and communications has diversified and changed. While restrictions on legal services eased, the challenge now is finding and engaging with prospective customers in a much larger environment. Our objective with law clients is helping to construct a system where qualified client prospects enter the sales funnel. We can automate this process from initial market research to engagement tactics through multiple portals. Our services include public relations campaigns to promote business growth and social media strategies that engage and drive lead generation.
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Brand reputation is everything in the non-profit world. Clearly communicating the mission and accomplishments of the organization is what convinces donors, volunteers, and partners to get involved and support non-profit goals. That diversity in objectives is also what requires planning in order to succeed. It also requires significant ‘self-knowledge’ to build buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. Non-profits seeking growth in all these categories succeed best when acting on a well-defined plan that can be communicated and promoted with full confidence and through multiple channels. From the non-profit website where content needs to be engaging and authentic through communication tools such as email, social media, partnership marketing, events, trade shows and full-spectrum fund raising campaigns, S/C functions as an able partner to strategize and deliver on the promise of non-profit objectives. It all starts with a discussion about non-profit mission and goals. Let’s have that conversation today.

Human Resources

Recruitment marketing and Employment branding takes the forefront position for organizations hiring in a competitive marketplace. Prospective hires do their research, often checking six to eight different sources of information before even applying with a given company or organization. That means the company brand needs to be positive and consistent, authentic and well-promoted everywhere from the website to social media. Knowing what’s already “out there” is important, and S/C creative gathers and reports information through market research that can make or break a company’s overall brand reputation. From Google rankings and job listing site reviews to social media and public relations insights, we gather business intelligence that can troubleshoot brand challenges and give organizations the tools they need to control and promote a value proposition that prospective employees and partners respect and embrace. With good information in hand, our strategists and creative team drafts a marketing tailored to recruitment and company brand objectives. This process often has transformative value, as everything from the mission statement of an organization to internal and external focus groups provide important perspective on how brand perception exists in the real world. Collaborating with the human resources department to integrate these values and processes, we guide organizations in best practices in everything from employee relations to the application process, response and onboarding. Human resources is no longer a passive service to handle personnel functions. It is often the living, breathing persona of an entire organization. Organizations grow best when standards are set high. Our collaborative approach supports human resources in every way. Contact us today.



No one works harder to gain and keep customers than a restaurant owner. But in today’s market, reputation management requires more than great food and service. Gaining access to customers and entertainment spends is more than a street-level game these days. Rankings on platforms such as Yelp! And TripAdvisor can make or break a day, a week or even a business. That’s why our services are so valuable to restaurants seeking competitive advantage in a digital world and decisions made in real time. We work with restaurants to determine positioning in both a geographic and digital marketplace, making use of AI technology to target and engage customers seeking exactly what you have to serve. We excel at producing visual and written content that attracts and converts customer interest from “Maybe” to “Yes.” Our capability in website development, social media integration, customer loyalty and geo-fencing to capture mobile business are critical to the modern restaurant business from mom-and-pop to restaurant chains eager to grow their market share.
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With markets extending from consumer to B2B, the insurance business is a brand-driven industry. Even at the local level, where branch offices and independent brokers bear the brand signature or logo, the task of communicating brand values with consistency is critical to consumer and business trust. Beyond the brand, however, the need for customer engagement is a diverse concern. Developing strategies at scale requires market intelligence on consumer and business behavior. Our team provides market research to deliver actionable data and customer profiles to drive targeted marketing. Developing a comprehensive marketing plan at scale of operation is also vital, especially as it pertains to budgeting for global, national, regional or local offices. Many campaign tactics are transferable, and that delivers consistency and trust as well. Our advisors work with insurance companies at all levels to drive insurance marketing and communications at every level. Let’s collaborate and put your business on track to better results. Call us today.


Behind the scenes, the healthcare industry is a matrix of providers at every scale collaborating to deliver the best outcomes possible. From a public perspective, healthcare is a series of brands and personalities promising care and benefits through brick and mortar and service channels. Connecting these dots in the eyes of potential patients, clients and customers is the marketing and communications challenge for healthcare organizations at all levels and subject to all regulatory guidelines. At S/C, we offer strategic expertise in identifying markets and opportunities through market research and data. We help clients interpret that data to develop core messaging and identify target markets. From there, we guide healthcare clients in building these strategies across the ideal channels to reach people where they live and how they engage with information. As leading advisors to social media companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Adobe Spark, we’re on the forefront of customer engagement in both the B2B and B2C healthcare markets. To discuss the unique challenges and opportunities in health care, call us today.

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