Respondent Recruiting

Market Research Respondent Recruiting

Targeted Digital Ads to Recruit Fresh New Research Participants

S/C Marketing has over 20 years of Integrated Marketing experience and has been providing the recruitment of "Hard-to-Find" research respondents for Market Research firms for several years. Leave the stale panels of research participants behind!

Our HYPER-targeted, digital ads use A.I. to reach SPECIFIC individuals across 47,000 digital sites with offers to participate in a specific market research project. Every Research Project has a New, Customized Recruiting Campaign! Improve the Quality of Participants and Get “Real” Insights you need!


Leading Experts in Digital Market Research Ads

S/C Marketing is recognized as a digital ad expert and we now serve on national advisory panels for both LinkedIn Corporate and Facebook Corporate. We provide beta testing and feedback to these industry leaders, and their reps provide ongoing training to keep our team cutting edge. These leading organizations also review and advise on our digital campaigns, so we can reach and deliver a specific audience faster for fewer ad dollars than most other agencies!

Why Choose S/C Marketing for Your Market Research Respondent Recruiting?

As part of a 21-year-old marketing firm, our digital team has developed its knowledge and expertise by creating and implementing thousands of highly targeted digital campaigns that have reached a diverse audience for our marketing clients. This expertise is now delivering amazing results in respondent recruiting for our market research clients!


Our Digital Process

Our team of experts leverages hyper-targeted digital paid ads to find the “Hard-to-Find” recruits that market research firms are seeking for their studies. Being able to target billions of people through social media and digital advertising means that our clients always get the exact targeted respondents they ask for, no matter the constraints.

How to Reach "Hard-to-Find" Respondents

In addition to our digital ads, in which participants can click directly to the research screener from the ad, we can also develop lead generation pop-up boxes on the viewer's screen to get our ads in front of the right audience, while keeping them on that same screen. How do pop-up boxes work?

1. Targeted Respondent clicks to learn more

2. Pop-up box opens with information pre-populated, and respondent opts-in

3. Box closes and respondent continues viewing the site they were originally on


LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our Linkedin Lead Generation Software (SC Connect) allows us to automate the LI connection process to rapidly increase the new connections and message exchange on LinkedIn. Instead of spending hours reaching out to specific individuals you want to reach, we can quickly reach and connect with hundreds of potential respondents in a short timeframe. This enables us to quickly target and connect with the exact individuals you want to recruit for your market research project! We can share the info about your study and immediately provide the link to the screener and expedite the recruiting process with "fresh, new" respondents.


From Intake Forms and Ad Design, to Screening Process and Incentive Delivery, Our Team Will Take Care of Your Market Research Recruiting Needs.

Our Respondent Recruiting Process

1. Intake Form - We send the client an Intake form to best understand your:
  • Research Project, Timeline and Incentive
  • Target Audience
  • What Responses You Require
2. SC Digital Team Feasibility Review -
  • Our Team reviews project to confirm feasibility of targeting the specific individuals on digital sites
3. Proposal to client
  • Once project audience build is confirmed, proposal is sent to client
  • Once proposal is signed, our digital team begins building the campaign
4. Ad Design and Approvals
  • Digital ads are created to fit the exact hyper targeted audience the campaign seeks
  • Client approves ad
5. Digital Platform Approval
  • SC uploads ads for platform approval (i.e. LinkedIn / Facebook) and ad starts to run 24/7 “serving up” to the exact individuals you want to reach for your market research project
6. Respondents Screening and Scheduling and Incentive Fulfillment
  • Respondent contact info can go to client or be managed by our team for an additional fee
  • In addition, our team can manage fulfillment of incentives, if needed for an additional fee

Who Can We Find? We can find and recruit very niche research participants such as:

Consumers who have recently painted or wallpapered their homes

➢  42 Respondents in just 1 Week


Former or Current Smokers who are Native American, African American or Hispanic

➢  212 Respondents in 4 Weeks


Individuals Who Enjoy Cooking, Baking and Grilling. 

➢  64 Respondents Recruited in 3 Weeks


Past Marketing Campaigns that Reached Niche Markets with

Targeted Digital Ads

B2C - Business to Consumer

➢   Students and Parents from Multi Ethnic backgrounds, Ages K-12

  • Targeted and engaged Students and Parents to support 60+ schools in the Hartford region as part of the campaigns for the       Department of Education for the State of Connecticut. Ads were delivered in Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese and Bosnian.
  • Reached prospective students for major IL university

➢   Consumers in need of Legal Services

  • Targeted individuals in specific regions who required legal services involving real estate, estate planning and business.

➢   Individuals requiring Eye Exams and Vision Therapy

  • Reached potential patients of all ages who need eye exams, vision therapy, and optical products B2B

B2B - Business to Business

➢   Logistics, IT and Operations Managers and Executives

  • Reached Specific professionals and executives in the Industrial Automation Industry who purchase industrial computer             hardware to improve manufacturing and warehousing productivity.

➢   Real Estate Investors, Property Managers and Facility Supervisors in Key Geographic Regions

  • Targeted decision makers in Real Estate and Commercial Property Management

Our Digital Ads Have Brought Our Clients:


Over 3 Million Ad Views


Thousands of Respondent Leads


2.5% Engagement Rate on Our Ads *Industry avg = .05%

Download our Case Study Highlighting Recent Successes in Respondent Recruiting for the Market Research Industry:

  1. Moms, on the East Coast who have given birth in the past 2 years at a specific hospital group AND those who did not use that hospital group for their maternity services (Regional Hospital Group)
  2. Women Decision Makers for Family Healthcare - Eastern U.S. (Healthcare Organization)
  3. Top Income Earners Who Drink Expensive Tequila (new Tequila brand)
  4. Native American Adults from WI (Political Group)

Our Market Research Recruitment Clients

From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, from agencies to brands, TAB has delivered fresh, high-quality respondents for a range of market research projects.


Additional Companies Served by our Marketing Experts


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