Are you posting to your business social media page and getting no engagement?  If you have no likes, no shares, no comments, etc. then you are also likely getting NO sales from your posts either.  Many times, the problem is with the graphics you are using.

Here is how you fix that:

Strategic & Creative Marketing Social Media Pictures        Light & Bright or Dark & Scary?

Studies have shown that graphics on social that have light backgrounds perform much better than those with dark backgrounds.  Although we realize a black background can be effective at times, most people stop to look at pictures that are bright and light more often.  Of course, when they “stop the scroll” to look at the picture, they also tend to then read the content you’ve written as well!  This absolutely leads to more sales from social.

social post picture graphic       Look At Me!

Want to get the best response to your graphics?  Use pictures of people!  And, the best pictures of people are ones where they are looking straight at the camera.  Human nature responds positively to someone looking directly at us, even if it is in a picture.  Most people will stop scrolling to look back at the person in the photo.  This then leads to them read your content above the photo, greatly increasing your chance they will reach out to you for a sale!

social post graphics     What’s The Name of Your Business?

Most people forget to add their logo to their graphics.  You should take every chance you can to get your company name in front of potential customers.  Can they look at the content or at the name up at the top of the post to see who you are?  Yes, but why make them search around?  Put your logo on top of your photo every time.  Then, even if they don’t stop to read the content, they have seen your company name which goes a long way to brand recognition.

In summary, when you post to social, the goal is to increase your brand recognition and sales.  Otherwise, you are spending a lot of time posting with no returns.  Following these simple guidelines should increase both of these goals.  If you are still not getting great results with social, we are happy to audit your current social platforms and/or your website.  Our audits provide you with a detailed report (usually 8 to 20 pages long) with pictures of what should be changed as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can complete the changes.

Or, if you’d like to outsource your social media marketing, we are experts that can produce results for your campaigns!  Our Director of Social/Digital Media, Tami Wloch, is on Advisory Panels for both Facebook & LinkedIn so our team is continually trained by these corporate offices to produce the best social media campaigns.

For information on either of these services, please contact us at!